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Tuition "plan B"

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    And if you win you could justify all that time in front of the monitor to your parents.
    Seriously though, I posted this to get an idea of members opinions on the contest. Seems to me the winner will get one sweet deal, the rest may invest a lot of time better spent on education but I guess the gamers are going to game regardless of the contest.
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    Someone who spends most of their waking time playing video games can hardly be called a "hero". And it's an insult to real athletes to refer to competitive gaming as a "sport".
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    I would prefer to see this kind of thing at universities than (American) football.

    -Dave K
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    It really comes down to "Hero" being a somewhat relative term, depending on ones tastes and values, (myself I think L. George said it pretty well in)...

    I prefer the studio version but the live isn't to bad either, (once again a matter of personal taste).
    While the contest really comes down to another marketing angle by "Blizz" it does bring out a rather competitive aspect of "sports" (consider E A's string of sports related games over the last decade or so). The upside in this case is someone gets a free college education and some serious bragging rights to justify the time invested. There is a fine line between competitive gaming and traditional sports, the operative word would have to be "competitive".
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    As someone who was a gamer, albeit no where near good enough to be professional, I think the amount of time the players put into training is not worth the reward. For heroes of the dorm, most of the players who end up winning are seniors anyway, so they end up getting one year of tuition. If the player goes to a state university, I can hardly justify playing for 5-10 hours a day for something that might be $10-25k in tuition reimbursement.
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    I got 30812 points playing 2048 last night.
    That and $5 will get me a cup of Starbuck's coffee.
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