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Tumor Growth Data

  1. May 18, 2012 #1
    Good day,
    I am a first year in college and I am taking a course in systems biology. For this assignment we are to use the Gompertz growth formula and fit it to a data set of tumor growth, fitting the parameters and graphing everything with mathematica. As of now, I am stuck at the part where I need to find the tumor growth dataset. I have been using my university library and google scholar and I have looked through at least 20 papers, but the numbers are never cited directly, only shown in graphs and/or referenced in papers from ~1960, which I cannot find online.
    My question is therefore if someone could help me find a dataset, with individual datapoints, describing the growth of a tumor (type is irrelevant) over time. It would be optimal if it is known that the Gompertz function works for it, but this is not a requirement. The only thing the dataset needs to contain is the volume at the start of the measurement, and the volumes at specific timepoints. Anything else is extra.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You might want to try one of the math help threads; I think it would be more helpful than this one.
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