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Tuned mass damper

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    Will a tuned mass damper damp down the excitation frequency ? Or it just reduce the vibration amplitude?

    Thank you.
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    Tuned mass damper is to increase natural frequency of a spring mass system so that frequency with to which system is subjected does not cause resonance.
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    Thank you,

    So does it have effect on the amplitude of vibration?
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    yes. at any frequency other than natural frequecy the system vibrates at lower amplitudes.
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    A tuned mass damper adds an additional degree of freedom (dof) to the system, so it adds an additional resonance peak. If you started with a single dof system, and add a TMD, you would essentially split the resonance from one peak to two... so I wouldn't necessarily agree that the vibration amplitude would be lower at all frequencies other than the natural frequency...... That would be the case if you were simply adding damping to the system, but I'm not sure that's what you meant when you used the term "tuned mass damper"

    Here's another Wiki link for tuned mass dampers.....

    So, are you adding damping, or a tuned mass damper?
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