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Tungsten Zirconium Nitrate

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    Does anyone know of a combination type metal called tungsten zirconium nitrate or how to make it or the formula or msds thanks-

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    Zirconium nitrate (hydrate) - Zr(NO3)4*5H2O


    Zirconyl nitrate - ZrO(NO3)2

    Tungsten nitrate would be an unusual or uncommon compound. It is probably a difficult compound to make since W is normally hexavalent in compounds, but has 4 and 5 valence states.

    One would not make a WZr nitrate compound but rather a mixture of W nitrate and Zr nitrate. It might be difficult to blend due to differences in density.

    Nitrates are strong oxidizers and must be handled with care.

    What is the intended use of a WZr nitrate?
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    I know it looks as a blueish tint dense like metal material sort of but not really, Ive seen it once, and the person who told be said its a new space material, when it bends or fluxuates it give off the shocks a telsa coil would do, acuall sparks when the material is bent or formed in anyway at the point of bend it would give off high votlege visable shocks, the electricity or looked like electricity was pure white, the material was not affected by its own shock.He told me it was tungsten zirconium nitrate and only countries could make it.It could be used for a wide veritety of applications.
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