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Homework Help: Tuning fork frequency!

  1. Jun 2, 2010 #1
    The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A tuning fork of frequency 512 Hz is used to generate a standing wave pattern in a closed pipe, 0.850m long. A strong resonant note is heard indicating that an antinode is located
    at the open end of the pipe.

    frequency = 512Hz
    length = 0.850m

    a - What are the possible wavelengths for this note?
    b - Which wavelength will give the most reasonable value for the calculation of the speed of sound in air?

    Now this is for HW and i have the answer, but all I need is to know how to figure out how to get there. Ideas?

    a - 3.40 m @ 1.74 x 10^3 m/s
    1.13 m @ 580 m/s
    0.680 m @ 348 m/s
    0.486 m @ 249 m/s
    b - 0.680m

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    You will need to know about standing waves and possible wavelengths to produce standing waves.
    Have you been taught the derivation of the formula Wavelength = 4L/(2n-1) where n is the nth harmonic?
    (Usually this is Taught as 4L/n where n = 1, 3, 5.. etc.
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    Look up some pictures from a textbook. That will help you understand where that equation comes from.
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