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Tuning Fork (Sound/Frequency)

  1. Apr 20, 2009 #1
    1. A tuning fork has a frequency of 440 Hz. If another tuning fork of slightly lower pitch is sounded at the same time, 5.0 beats per second are produced. What is the frequency of the second tuning fork?

    2. change of f = absolute value of f2 - f1

    3. change of f = absolute value of f2 - f1
    -5 = f2 -440 5 = f2 -440
    435 Hz, 445 Hz ---- I got two answers but the question only asks for one (because i don't see a plural in frequency) which one is right and can you tell me why? Thank You!! [/b]
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    Question says "of slightly lower pitch"...
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    oh thank you!! :)
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