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Turbine Generator Coils

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    Hey everyone,

    New to the site and I'm liking what I've come across so far but I'm having some trouble with a project of mine. I'm an ME by trade but this is definitely more of an electrical engineering problem. I need to make a small turbine generator that operates in a water wheel type design that has the turbine and the magnet rotating around a generator coil pack. A unit that I purchased runs along a similar design I have in mind but I need to shrink it. My only problem (so far, there will be more) is that the generator coil pack is too large as of now. Does anyone know where to maybe find a smaller one of similar design or even possibly how to go about making one (may be more than I can handle)? I'm still a senior in college so I don't have too many connections or really the experience on where to source parts and/or services to accomplish something like this. The generator that I have produces more than enough power than what I need so I'm not worried about the power loss that will come from shrinking this. I'll post some pictures of the generator below. Here are a few dimensions.

    OD = 1"
    ID = .4"
    Don't know how many coil turns ther are in any of the protrusions
    Unit is DC so I'm guessing there's a rectifier on the circuit board??

    I would really like to reduce the size of this by a third or even more. Idk if getting something that small is feasable or not. Any sugestions or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks for your input!

    IMG_2324.JPG IMG_2325.JPG
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    There are hobbyist generators that may work. How much power do you require?
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    I only need about 3W. The generator I have gives me a voltage of roughly 13v with an amperage of about 4. So in theory I should have about 52W of power but it seems to good to be true, especially for its size.


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    A Google search on "miniature dc motor +3w" returned 109 hits.

    What research have you done so far?
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    Thanks for the help. Ive done research on theory and how to develop at home generators and more complex ones. I've google searched all kinds of things but I just can't find one small enough
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    jim hardy

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    Take apart an old disk drive. You'll find small magnet and coil structures inside the motor. Might be adaptable.
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