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Turbine generator + higgs boson

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    My friend is wondering if its possible to use the energy of a higgs boson to use in a turbine generator. Is that possible?
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    I wouldn't call this "General Engineering". People have just recently proved the existence of the Higgs particle and don't they need huge energies (particle accelarators) to create them?
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    Pay attention : up until this very moment the higgs-particle only exists from theoretical models. It has not yet been observed. Only estimates concerning it's energy have been made. The most recent one has spectacular results (i mean much better estimates) and these are written down in the following site.

    http://www.scienceblog.com/community/article2964.html [Broken]

    Some scientists like Stephen Hawking doubt that this mass-generation Higgs-boson of QFT really DOES exist.

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    I got mixed up with the top quark, which was first observed in 1994. Thanks.
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