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Aerospace Turbine - virtual simulation

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    I am trying to find out RPM and torque of a turbine. I have it modeled in CATIA. I have ansys and Fluent. But I dont know if I can get these values from that software.

    Does anyone know how I can do a virtual simulation to determine Torque and RPM?
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    I and several others hear might be able to help, but none of us can help without knowing who/what/where/why/how of your turbine. We're scientists and engineers, not clairvoyants.

    Need input!
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    The rotational speed of a turbine is typically governed by compressor design. The RPM is an input, not an output. You run cycle points to determine what mass flow/pressure ratio/etc you need. At that point you can design a compressor to meet those requirements.

    From there, you can design a turbine (which typically lie on the same shaft), to power that compressor.
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