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Turbo Fan

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    Hi, :approve:
    I wanna do porject for Turbo Fan, so I need some information about it. If you could help me, please don't shame and gimme me this information to help me.

    I appreciate it:biggrin:
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    Turbo fan? As in the engines that propell most commercial jet airliners?
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    There's rather a lot of information about turbofans.

    What do you need to know?
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    You're going to have to be more specific with your questions Karim. The topic is too broad to give a concise overview. Are you interested in the very basics, the thermodynamics of the cycle or general design and usage? Give us an idea on what you are looking for.
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    The way that's capitalized, it almost looks as if you're referring to a publication of some sort, or maybe a web site? Do you actually want to build one, or just discuss the subject?
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    FOR Turbo Fan or ABOUT Turbo Fan??? If your not a native English speaker than that is fine neither am I, but you will have to specify yourself on this one a little better
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    Have you tried looking in your local library?

    I'm sure there are many knowledgeable people here on the subject who will be delighted to answer any specific questions you may have, but you still have to do the basic research yourself. You can't expect to have others do the job for you.
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    The turbofan is used on most airliners. It is a turbojet with an extra turbine at the back that drives the fan that you see at the front. This fan provides most of the thrust created by the engine. It also makes the engine quieter, and improves fuel economy. Hope that this helps. If you need more information, check the General Electric or Pratt and Whitney websites. I'm sure that they can help you.:approve:
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