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Turbo Pascal 7.0 Problem

  1. Dec 4, 2005 #1
    Hey all,

    I just started programming Turbo Pascal 7.0 in my Computer Science classin skool. I just received the software via email.

    However, when I try to lanuch the program, It just shows a black screen, and when I press control+alt+delete, it just crashes back to Windows...

    Some of my computer specs are:
    -CPU= Intel P4 3.C 800Mhz
    -Mainboard= ASUS P4P800ED
    -Main Memory= 1.0 Gb of RAM
    -Hard Disk= IDE MAXTOR 280.0GB (120+160GB)
    -Video Card= ATI RADEON 9550 128MB DUAL (LITE)

    The Operating System is Windows XP Professional.

    I need help badly.. I dont want my 95% in Comp sci screwed.... :cry:
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