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Turbocharging Gas Engines

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    Hey Guys needed some advice related to Turbocharging of natural gas engines.
    I'm working on turbocharging of gas engine for the first time and was trying to do some research on the same before jumping into the nitty gritty stuff. I Do not have much experience working with turbochargers. Turbo natural gas engine are very rare and its difficult to find any helpful material either.

    I know that turbocharged diesel engines generally include intercoolers to further increase the volumetric efficiency. Since Natural gas engine have lower volumetric efficiency, will adding an intercooler have a quantifiable improvement on increasing the volumetric efficiency?

    Also what are the pro and cons of adding an EGR to the mix?

    Any links/papers describing the effect (good or bad) of adding an intercooler and/or EGR to a turbocharged SI engine will go a long way in helping me make up my mind.
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    Intercoolers are not there to improve the volumetric efficiency, per se. They are there to reduce the temperature of the compressed air to improve the air density and because charging the cylinders with heated air can produce excessive combustion temps and high EGTs.

    EGR systems are there to make the gas behave like it has a higher octane rating and to reduce combustion temps in order to reduce pollution. Natural gas already has a very high octane rating, so it's questionable whether adding EGR would do much for octane. Not sure about the pollution part.
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