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Turboexpanfer joule thomson

  1. Apr 5, 2010 #1
    good morning you need not give a lot of details, basically right or wrong, sometimes a little explanation would be nice:

    1. in a turbo-expander (used in rotating equipment to produce refrigeration temperatures at its gas exist), the turbine section is said to have free flow--what is free flow? note that the term gas turbine could be confused with a high temperature gas turbine also partially driving a compressor say in a power plant, or in a jet engine
    2. it is said that because the flow is free, the turboexpander turbine will produce very low temperatures at the gas exit. this process is isentropic. why shoud an isentropic process develop low temperatures in free flow? It is also said that in free expansion, the work done is zero. If the work done is zero, how is the turbine able to drive a centrifugal compressor which is mounted on the same shaft?
    3 now joule-thomson i am assuming that a joule thomson expansion (which is a throttling process) will produce a low or high tempertaure downstream of the valve, depending upon the inversion temperature. Right?
    4. is it right to say that if there is a situation in Joule -Thomson that cooling takes place, that then the expansion valve is working like a small turboexpander?
    5. in throttling there is always some work done right?
    6. in physics does throttling refer to making the valve orifice smaller?

    thank you very much
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