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Turbomachinery: A first text ?

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    Can anyone recommend a good introductory text? I have studied Fluids, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Math methods at graduate level. I am in the Aerospace industry if that affects responses.

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    So far I have been reading from this book. I am not loving it, but I don't hate it yet either. It assumes to much prior knowledge about turbines and compressors, like the part names and functions. Maybe I need a different type of book? I basically need a text on jet engines. Turbomachinery seemed like the right place to start though.
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    Any thoughts on this one? Still looking.
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    I'm a design engineer for a company that designs turbo-machinery. I've never seen a book that I would recommend. Anyone who hires you would plan on spending more than a year training you. What I need to do my job is propritory and not published to the public domain. Each company has spent decades and billions of dollars developing their own knowledge base, each a little different from the other. Then they hold it close to the chest.

    Aero and fluids is a tiny part of the job, probably 3 out of 1000 jobs. But they are always looking for heat transfer folks for secondary flow. Most the work is mechanical design.
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