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Aerospace Turbulent flow and eddies

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    I want to build a flow hood for biology projects but a laminar flow HEPA costs more than I have in my bank account. There are cheaper HEPA filters out there but they don't produce laminar flow. The flow only needs to be laminar so eddies don't bring contaminates off dirty objects under the flow hood (my hands, equipment that can't be sterilized, etc) and onto biological samples, petri dishes, etc.

    If I increase the velocity of the air blowing through the flow hood, will the eddies form farther away or be blown away before they can transfer contaminates?

    Is there any way to turn turbulent flow into laminar flow?
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    Generally flow is only laminar when air is accelerating towards a lower pressure area, and it's not a guarantee of laminar flow, because eddies have momentum.
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    Hello gits My bank account cannot change a thing. Try to change the Reynolds number of your flow hood. Try to become Robin or try a turbulent flow of HEPA costs!
    greetings Janm
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