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Turgid pressure lab question

  1. May 23, 2005 #1
    turgid pressure of a plant cell is given by the formula

    molality*ionization constant of the solute*gas constant*absolute temperature

    if the total solute conc. for the cytoplasms of a pair of guard cells and their walls was measured separately to be 0.21 molal and 0.45 molal respectively, then what would the turgid pressure for the guard cells be?

    Assume that the only solute in guard cell cytoplasm was KCL and that the solute composition of cell wall solution was comprised of a mix of sugars....

    How would i calculate the turgid pressure of the guard cells? Will i just use the molal of the cytoplasm of the guard cells? Or will i have to use both somehow?

    Also, how can i knwo whether this guard cell stomata is open or closed in this situation?

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