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Turn off Guests within Who's Online

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    Greg, I don't know why you decided to have the guests' info posted under "Who's Online," but it is really lagging the system. It takes forever for the page to load up because it has to check everyone's current position.
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    will do soon, I turned guest on for a bit to see if any googlebots were active
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    How can you tell the difference between a regular guest and a googlebot. Does Google provide a list of IP addresses they use?
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    I installed a hack that shows me peoples user agent. for google it has like googlebot2.1 somewhere in there. and yeah there are a number of places that have tracked google ips. most start with 64, 212 or 208
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    whats a googlebot?
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    googlebot is google's search engine spider. There are thousands of them that scour the internet finding pages to index.
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    search engine spiders that scour the internet, that sounds.. creapy but fun at the same time :P
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