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Turning off gravity

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    http://photos-e.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v253/27/91/575983853/n575983853_990012_8516.jpg [Broken]

    This is the elevator at work. We're not sure if flipping the switch merely counteracts the earth's gravitational field or if it completely turns off all gravitational interactions.
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    It's not like the elevators in coal mines where you push the button and you free fall nearly all the way to the bottom, is it? If the coworkers were nice, they had a spare set of clothes for the newbie waiting at the bottom (if dropping in free fall with the lights off and screaming in mock terror could possibly be considered nice).
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    Nice piece of levity.
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    Is this for humor, or is it for real?
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    Humor of course, mate!
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    Oh , i'm having my exams these days so don't judge me, lol
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    Yeah, I've beenon one of those

    ^good luck for those
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    "turning off gravity"

    you're just not being told

    (the others in the building just aren't telling you that they 'know' how to turn 'gravity' off)
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