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Turning on IGBT

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    i have trouble to ON IGBT..
    to turn on the IGBT, it needed the Driver to turn it on..
    pwm pump in 5V into the driver signal. I supply 10v to power up the driver chip.
    My design requirement to turn on the IGBT Vge is 15v... how to increase the Vge.

    i have attached the circuit that i using.

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    Maybe you must find a matching driver ( google driver+IGBT ).

    You can easily find a driver that is supplied by up to 20V, and can deliver the 15V output
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    hi. my driver that i choose can supply to 20V??? and my Vout is from 10v to 20v....
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    As I read your attached diagram, the capacitor between Vb and Vs will be charged through the diode to 5V, whenever the IGBT is turned off (assuming that the load is connected to Vs and ground ). When the IGBT is turned on, Vs will rise to ≈600V, and because the capacitor is charged, Vb will rise to 605V. In all circumstances you can control VHO in a range of 0 .. 5V with respect to Vs.

    To extend this range, you must somehow increase the voltage Vb-Vs. There are voltage multiplier circuits, based on capacitor-diode networks, to be found, but I will not recommend that, as they are not rigid enough to this application. Not having a 16V supply available (15V+1), I would prefer a small ferrite transformer fed with some 5V sqarewave. Rectify the secondary voltage, and you have a stable 16V supply for the driver.

    Sorry for my delayed answer, but I am from Denmark and is having a little fight with my dictionary.
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