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    Err, I just wanna make some suggestions to improve our Tutorial Board a little bit:
    1. As it may seem, the board is filled with Moved Threads, and it almost takes the whole first page. I mean, if there is some way to make all the Moved Threads, it would be better.
    2. And also, the Directory in each board seems rather out-of-date. There are like twenties tutorials there, but the Directory only lists a few of them. If someone can update the Directory, I think the members can find what they need without having to look page to page, and hence faster.
    3. There are some tutorials from our members, and also some links of PDF files from the other sites, too. Is it possible that we just split up the two? We will move the PDF files will go to our Link reference (the button on the Flash menu), and we keep the member-made turoials there, in the Turotial Board. This should reduce the number of pages in each board considerably.
    4. And last but not least, if possible, I think there should be some more sub-forums like Maths Tutorials, and Chemistry Tutorials. Just for easy look-up.
    Okay, that's it.
    Just my 2 cents. o:)
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    The Link section isn't getting a lot of activity at all :(

    I still post in the resource threads of the forums.
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