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Tutorial of C++

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    is there any tutorial which covers stack and queue in c++.
    i am not able to understand it is getting difficult for me .
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    Just put ' C++ queue video ' and ' C++ stack video ' into Google . My search generated many results .

    Personal observation : I have always found learning things from text books and text book style websites far easier and certainly more reliable than trying to learn anything from video tutorials .
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    thank you
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    The problem with video tutorials is seeing the code being executed and then trying to use the code means stopping the video and typing in what you see or jumping to some URL the video might reference to get the code.
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    thank you
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    Not to flog a dead horse here....
    But textbooks is the way to go. What worked best for me was to take the examples from the books. Run them as described, see how they run. Then tinker with the code, change things and see the result.
    But you'll need to find your own way to learn :)
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