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Tutorial on pathfinding

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    is completely confusing to me. I don't get how to make something move in a program. is there a good tutorial on this?
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    that questions a bit vague...can you be more specific?

    can you go into more detail about what you're doing (2d/3d? grid/coodrinate based? c/c++/java?)

    obviously pathfinding is about moving something from A to B. if this is a grid based system then its a lot easier, especially in 2d. the only tutorial i could link you to is here, although it covers A* pathfinding and may be a bit excessive for what you want to know, if im understanding your question.

    im sorry if this is horribly patronising...
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    well, I'm just trying to get something to move in C++ right now...
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    define "something" and define "move"

    are you attempting to move a file in the file system to another location from a C++ program?
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    jim mcnamara

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    in stdio.h the rename() function performs an implicit mv command.

    Is this what you want?
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    I want it to be soething like a game. I want the object to move whe a certain key is pressed.
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    so, you need to understand vectors and the coordinates of a computer screen (the top left of the screen is the origin.)
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    first off are you doing text grid games, 3D APIs like openGL or directx or SDL(which uses either). That probably the first question you shouhld be answering.
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    it seems from your question that your not sure how to do it in maths, so this should be your first port of call. have a look at this link
    http://www.gamedev.net/reference/list.asp?categoryid=28 [Broken]
    or im sure there are details on this site.
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    ah..how to explain this...i wrote out quite a long reply with example code but its quite redundant to do this if i dont understand what you want. ie is this text based? is it from scratch or do you have a library to work from (such as ncurses or one of the lamothe ones)?

    usually you have a grid, and accept user input to move left/right/up/down (im asuming you're working in 2d)..
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    To move something you just have to change its position by small amount for a certain amount of times. If you are working with ascii then you can put the cursor in a certain position with the command:
    gotoxy(int x,int y);
    after using this command, whatever you output will by on that (x,y) position of the screen. To make something move just change it's (x,y) values one step at a time.
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