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Tutoring problem

  1. Nov 7, 2005 #1
    I have a problem. I'm capable of helping many of the students here with their problems, but at the same time, I get very angry whenever a student posts a problem that they didn't even attempt first and I could care less about helping them even if they show work after someone gives them a hint.

    I think my main problem is that since I suffered through physics, let them suffer, and I get great joy to watch them struggle with a problem like I once did. Can somebody help me?
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    I currently tutor a girl in mathematics. She basically needs me whenever she has a new homework assignment that she needs help with. My tactic is to ask her how they approach the problem — give her a bit of time to think. If she is truly stumped, I give her a hint: something I think might help her understand what to do. Then I ask her again, how she would approach the problem.

    In the end, if she cannot figure out how to do anything, I lead her through the first problem, and go over it enough so that she gets how to work it. I let her do the rest of the problems, while I check to make sure she is doing things correctly. If she does not understand how to get something, I help her with that.

    As tutors, our job obviously is not doing someone's homework for them. Concepts matter a lot more than homework problems.
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