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TV and Internet Addiction

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    I am a university student. I did exceptionally well in my O level and A level exams, but since I got into university, I started to watch too many films and surfed the net too often. I have done this so much that this has now become a terrible addiction and my performance in exams is falling. I just can't stay a day w/o watching the TV or surfing about random unecessary stuff on the net. I know this is wrong and I want to get to the point again where I can begin proper studying.

    Any suggestions for improvement? Please help!!!
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    Yes. Get rid of your TV and unsubscribe from cable. Also, unsubscribe from you Internet service provider. Now a days, students don't go anywhere without their laptops, but truth be told; if you're studying physics, you don't really need one! If you have some lab work, and data that you need to analyze, I'm betting your university has computer facilities with all the software ou may need.
    Anything else is just an excuse to procrastinate which is all student do these days!
    It will take a lot of bravery to go though with my radica proprosal, but if you do, you'll be happy you did!
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    You could try getting rid of your TV/computer, or at least your TV.
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    1. Find someone to study together with.

    2. Activate the "parental" controls on your browser and dump all "unnecessary" sites into the "unallowed" category.

    3. Sell your TV.

    4. Hang out in PF and busy your mind with trying to answer the questions others have posted about your area of study.

    5. Take regular breaks from studying, etc., and spend "quality" time, preferably with other people.
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    I remember seeing a show about this problem. I don't remember the name of it, but I'll try to google it.
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    On the topic of looking at TV and the internet too much:

    I saw something on TV that you should watch, let's look it up on google


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    Avoid watching television.

    The internet can be useful if you know how to search for good sites/resources and how to organize/bookmark them.
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    go outside. take a book to read. or go to the library, and don't sit at a computer terminal. it's a bit like going to the gym. leverage the power of social pressure to help you do that thing you came there to do.
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    Get up every morning one hour earlier and go for a brisk one hour walk. Not a leisurely walk, but a brisk walk. It has wonderful mental and physical benefits. It sets off the right chemical processes in the brain, to put you more in touch with reality, and to have a fruitful day. It grounds you.

    Even though you might still do internet, you will probably find that the TV addiction abates considerably.

    Force yourself to do this EVERY morning. Soon, you will be looking foward to it, and not be able to do without it. The chemical buzz to the brain derived from this, is quite real, and highly beneficial.

    It is freezing cold right now, here in Australia where I live, but I look forward to it even more, every 6 AM. Take the dogs, too, if you have any. Life and reality is all around you, but the TV is just a stupid box - just stupid.

    Two of my kids are uni students. I can see what you mean. I see the same problem developing in them sometimes, and have to keep at them.
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