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TV series and competition puzzle

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    In this season's "Dancing with the Celebs" TV series, Harry and nine other famous personalities paired with professional dancers to try to claim this year's title. Each week, one of the celebrities--who are in different entertainment and media fields, with one a stand-up comic--is sent home until only the competition champion remains.

    Given the clues below, determine the complete results of this year's event--the full name (one last name is Steele) and celebrity status of the person sent home each week 1st-9th and the winner.

    1. Dixon isn't the network political commentator.
    2. Ashford isn't the bullrider.
    3. George, who isn't Ashford, isn't the country music artist.
    4. The soap opera star was sent home one week before Maria, who was eliminated from the contest one week before Kershaw.
    5. Sophie isn't Kershaw.
    6. Rowe, who isn't Lisa, isn't the country music artist.
    7. West was eliminated one week after the bullrider, who was sent home the week after Sophie was.
    8. Woods didn't win the competition.
    9. The magazine editor is neither Dixon nor Forbes.
    10. George was eliminated one week before Rowe, who was sent home one week before the TV chef.
    11. Neither George nor Lisa is West.
    12. In three consecutive weeks first-to-last, Lisa, Newman, and the country music artist were eliminated.
    13. Sophie is neither the TV chef nor the country singer.
    14. Jason, who isn't West, isn't the bullrider.
    15. Woods, who isn't George, and the TV chef wowed fans with their dashing paso dobles.
    16. Lisa, who isn't Woods, and the TV chef had no dance experience prior to the TV program.
    17. Dave, who isn't the bullrider, also isn't West
    18. After six of the celebs had been eliminated, the four remaining were Dave, Jason, Woods, and the romance novelist.
    19. Nick was sent home one week before the game show host, who was eliminated one week before Ashford.
    20. The magazine editor was sent home one week before Cassidy was.
    21. Forbes didn't win this season's "Dancing with the Celebs" title.
    22. Celia isn't the TV chef.
    23. Neither Dave nor the romance novelist is Newman.
    24. Maria isn't the basketball player.
    25. Sandra was still in the competition after the basketball player was sent home.
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    So... I count 11 first names and 9 last names. Which ones are which?

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