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'Twas the Night Before Deadlines

  1. Dec 15, 2015 #1
    'Twas the night before deadlines when all through the house,
    not a student was stirring, being in the poorhouse.

    The applications were sent off to grad schools with care;
    now it was just time to worry - to see how they'd fare.

    Little undergrads were nestled all snug in their beds
    with a bottle of whiskey right next to their heads.

    Thinking of purchase orders to buy gown and cap,
    just one more semester... meh, I don't give a crap.

    When suddenly in my thoughts there arose such a clatter -
    "Did I forget a transcript?" And I felt my dreams shatter.

    Away to the computer I flew like a flash,
    needing to send one more, though I hadn't the cash.

    The deadline approacheth, and tears falleth like snow,
    the chances were slim, yes, boy did I know.

    When what to my sorrowful eyes did appear,
    The great word "SUBMITTED". I let out a great cheer!

    The deadline had left me, though its approach had been quick;
    my incompetence hit me in the head like a brick.

    More rapid than eagles grad school applications came,
    I'm now nothing but a number - not even a name.

    Maybe Boulder? Or UMass? Perhaps UNL...
    Rochester? Or Champaign? Maybe Cornell?

    The Pacific Northwest? New England has a nice fall...
    I don't care where I get in, I'll apply to them all!

    If I don't have any luck, at least I gave it a try,
    I've done all I could - I let out a sigh.

    Perhaps I applied to too many, or even too few,
    and in the process I know I've gone slightly cuckoo.

    I've doomed myself to years of mathematical proofs,
    and working with PhDs who seem to be goofs.

    Though I don't know where, I'll be moving around
    taking up residence in a new strange town.

    Of course I'm a bit sad knowing undergrad is caput,
    never mind that - adventure's afoot!

    My letters of rec are submitted, though my writers did slack,
    but all was quickly fixed with a virtual smack.

    So pardon me this season if I'm not all that merry,
    for the state of my future is looking quite hairy.

    In hopes that a school an acceptance on me bestow
    I've pulled out my hair, and coughed up some dough.

    For the next month or two, I'll be chattering my teeth
    my face, more than likely, as green as a wreath.

    For the holidays I'll smile and plump up my belly,
    while inside my brain and mind turn to jelly.

    But I know that I'll make it, in spite of myself
    And hear back from grad schools, a feat in itself.

    After applications, there isn't that much in my head,
    but deep down inside, I have nothing to dread.

    Wherever I go, I know I'll love my work,
    Getting to study physics is quite the big perk.

    I find research fun, and I hope that it shows,
    and being a teaching assistant I do not oppose.

    Difficult, yes, I'll be in quite the pickle
    and trying fervently to avoid dismissal.

    Though nervous we are, and so full of fright,
    we'll all be just fine. And with that... good night.
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    :biggrin: Great poem! Good night, dishsoap!
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