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Twiddly things

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    Do you like to twiddle? i can not pass an elastic band without picking it up and twiddling it, or a pebble, any thing that is tactile.
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    "busy hands...."
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    Bubble wrap.
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    I play with scissors.
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    I fiddle with anything and everything that's nearby while I'm doing something. I used to fiddle with nail clippers all the time, I kept dropping them on my computer, and my old laptop has a lot of little nicks from it
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    Errrr gulp.
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    I like nail clippers too. And tweezers. I like to cut things into little pieces, then pick them up, and pile them into little sculptures.

    I also make things with food.
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    I'm the same, hands constantly moving looking for something to do. Any bits of paper nearby live in danger of being torn, twisted and folded into new shapes. Also, I find it difficult to think without a pen and paper to hand for random doodling.
    Are doodling and twiddling related ?
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    Do you doodle while you twiddle?

    Are doodling and twiddling related ?

    add: only by hand shaking
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    Thats twiddlooding.
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