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Twin engine jet airplane lands

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    Finally, your friend's twin engine jet airplane lands. As it stands on the runway, you hear the sound of the engines getting louder and softer, rhythmically once every two seconds. The average frequency you hear is 4100 Hz. What is the difference between the individual frequencies of the sounds from each engine and this average?

    f_low-f_ave =

    f_high-f_ave =
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    Sorry, man; I have absolutely no idea about this. I just can't stand to see a post go unanswered. It seems rude, as if you're being ignored. I wish I could help, but maybe by posting at all and moving this up in the line, I can prompt someone else to get involved. :smile:
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    Chi Meson

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    THis is apparently a quaestion regarding the "beat frequency" of two close-but-not-exactly-the-same sources. The formula associated with this is so simple that it usually is not included with most formula lists. Look at the "beat frequency" section of the textbook.
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