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Twin positive voltage senser HELP

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    Hi Folks

    Can anybody help me; I am looking for a small electrical circuit
    to control an output voltage in DC between Zero to 6 volts.
    The input for the circuit is from a 24-volt commercial vehicle,
    but my difficulty lies in the fact
    It comprises of two positive feed wires driving an electric magnet.
    One of the feed wires has 27 volts traveling through it constantly,
    the other has a varying voltage between 24 and 22 volts,
    this gives an output voltage of between three and five volts
    when measured with a voltmeter across the two wires.
    The circuit I am looking for Needs to be able to measure this voltage
    and output a similar varying voltage but completely isolated from the first circuit.
    I have available other source supplies to power the output IE 3 volt, 5 volt,
    12 volt, 24 volt.
    The output Is just for sensing so needs very little current.
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    Use an iso amp.

    - Warren
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