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Twins brain teaser

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    Jack and John are twins, (They're each the other one's twin, we'll say they're identical.) Jack was born in May. John was born in February. [hmm, usually the next part is: When Jack was 20 John was 20 too, (sounds like 22, hence the riddle) but it doesn't work when i spell it... awell...] When Jack was 30 he legally married his mother.

    How is all that possible???
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    Jack and John were born in May Hospital in the month of February. Jack became a priest
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    In white-> Sounds like a case of rent a womb going on here.
    Mother, in the sense of the woman who gave birth, would not be related in any way.
    And it seems likely that Jack and John would have had different "mothers".
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    That's INCEST...

    Bartholomew got it...Though that priest should be orthodox.They're allowed to marry.To sue.To every chick in town.

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    ya Bartholomew's right. You can also say May is a town in texas... its a town in quite a few states actually. but you get the idea. And it's not incest, he become a priest and marries his mother to an other man.
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    Could be he is :rofl:
    But, I think technology has caught up with your brain teaser. :tongue2:
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