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Twins paradox and astronaut

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    Everyone knows that paradox. In true we can say who person is standing,so If we say that the person in earth is standing,then the clock of astronaut will run slower. Else,if we say that astronaut is standing and that earth is moving,we see the clock of earth's person to run slower.
    So in true when astronaut come back to earth,he will not bigger from other but they will have the same age. Then what other strange happened??
    I heard about a gravitational force,when speed of astronaut change. Can you explain more?
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    And, dueling with Ultrafast's link for second place in the google page rank, we have.... http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/Relativity/SR/TwinParadox/twin_paradox.html

    They're both good, and I will repeat for Hepic advice that I gave another poster recently: Work through both those FAQ's from the beginning until you understand them. If you get stuck, come back with a specific question and we'll see if we can get you unstuck.
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