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I Twisted Space Model (TSM)

  1. Feb 21, 2017 #1
    In 2014 I introduced Twisted Space Model (TSM):

    The result of the investigation corresponds to the visible world and discloses reasons of space, time and matter properties.

    The Genesis of the Universe in the presented model (TSM) is fundamentally different from universally adopted concepts about the formation of the Universe, while being in full agreement with what can be observed, for example:
    - the presence of compact super massive objects at the most remote parts of the Universe and massive objects in the centers of galaxies,
    - the presence of rotation and magnetic fields for particles, planets, stars and galaxies;
    - existence of relic radiation
    - the expansion of the Universe…
    The mechanism of accelerated expansion of the Universe and “abnormally” fast rotation of outer areas of the galaxies is obvious within the TSM, which means that this model is not facing the problem of searching for the “dark energy” or the “dark substance”.

    The novelty of this research also consists in a logical step-by-step exposure of the essence (cause) of physical properties of the substance, such as mass, spin, electric charge, etc., which are only being postulated in the traditional model.

    Furthermore, the proposed model unravels the cause of a fundamental ambiguity at the micro level of the substance…
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