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Homework Help: Twisted Vector Problems

  1. Sep 14, 2004 #1
    Please Help! I just don’t get it and I’ve been studying for hours.

    Question :
    Knowing that Vectors C = (4i-1j-3k)m and D=(21-3j-5k)m
    a. S=C-D
    b. │S
    c. The Unitary vector in the direction of S

    My Prof has given us a test one week after the first class and I just don’t get these study questions. I can add and multiply vectots but this stuff I just don’t get and there is noone to help.

    If anyone out there can help you’ll really be appreciated

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    The rule for subtracting vectors as in (a) should be similar to adding vectors. I'm sure that even the lousiest textbook explains how to do it. Why don't you have a look at your textbook, or tell us what you think the answers/solutions are?

    Also, I think you made a typo. Is vector D = (2i - 3j - 5k) or is D = (21i - 3j - 5k)?
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    People don't like it when other people double post. Please don't do this anymore. In my post above, I've simply repeated part of the information provided in replies to the other thread you opened. My reply is now redundant and I've wasted my time unnecessarily.
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