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Twistor Matrix Theory?

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    Hello [Moderator's note: This message may be a bit
    outdated, and the author may already know the
    answers. LM]

    I am a math student that has come across Witten's relatively new
    Twistor String Theory. I found the discussions of Twistor projective
    space very stimulating, as it seems these are extensions of complex
    projective space, e.g., CP^3. There are various constructions of such
    projective spaces, including the matrix representation as primitive
    idempotent operators. In the case of CP^3, for instance, points can be
    obtained as 4x4 complex primitive idempotents (projections onto
    one-dimensional subspaces).

    Now I was wondering, since CP^3 is a Twistor projective space, which
    can be given a matrix representation, does there exist a corresponding
    Twistor Matrix Theory? If so, where can I learn more?

    Any help and corrections are appreciated. ^^


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