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Two bangs,two sets of ripple`s

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    If my questions seem simple bare with me. I`f the first BIG BANG set off a series of ripple`s and a second BANG also did,what would the possibility be for the second series of them being the same.I have a theory that if the second set of ripple`s where the same could that possibly be an explanation for deja vu .Instead of it being a past life,could it be a life that still exist (in the future).Being that two universes where created one after the other.I have my own thoughts on parallel universes and may have had a brush with one, on a very cold early morning,when the temp dipped to -40 to -45 I was taking my out to go to the bathroom.Leaving my front door I noticed a set of animal tracks entering then leaving my front walk.Upon reaching the end of my front walkway they turned to the right,and turned into small ladies tapered boot prints,no drugs,no alcohol involved,I turned around doing 360`s , NO incoming female boot prints to be found.What was relevant was the cold here and the cold in space. I typed it in and this is what I got.http://news.softpedia.com/news/Giant-Cold-Spot-Evidence-of-Parallel-Universe-71846.shtml"
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    Sorry, this is not philosophy and that's not a valid scientific site.
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