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Two Big Bang Theory Vs Other Theories

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    India rarely helps scientific advancement. Recently this country has made some wonderful advances in the field of missile technology and information technoloy. Their recognition has become strong now. Indians are now more popular in American due to outsourcing issue.
    Similarly some scientists are also entring the field of physics either to disturb the present systems of working or to add some new theory. One Dr Raj Baldev from India, so known as Indian Cosmo Theorist, as I have observed from different articles about him, has introduced a new theory named Two Big Bangs through his book Two Big Bangs created the Universe. How far he is correct, I can't give my confirmed opinion at this stage, even though I read the book I borrowed from my American friend Mr. Richardson, who visited India early this month.
    I have some confusion about this book, it has new names, new phrases and new approach. Still I tried to contact someone to give me some help but Indiaexpress.com whom I sent e mails, did not give me the correct e mail of Dr Raj. To day I found his name and his theory being discussed in the physics forum. I am glad I got it.
    Instead of following the people, I give my own title. One thing I am serious about. This new theory of Dr. Raj Baldev is a punch to all other theories so far I read, may be string, everything or big bang.
    I am 85% convinced just some recents findings do collaborate with those of Dr. Raj. But I am confused by about 15% when he starts from the spirit. His point of forming the spaceless plateform makes good sense for some Copaf term to spin. Still, some points need clarification. However, the theory has a weight and it is for the scientific people to make use of it or not.
    I feel if Dr Raj Baldev had made one or two points of spirit and copaf clearer, it would have been wonderful. Nevertheless, his efforts are magnificient in the field of science. Before some one replies to me, I wish Dr Raj Baldev should make the theory more simple on the forum on two points of spirit and copaf for the ordinary reader and for the scientists. It is new theory even for them, they need time and simple way to shed the old and to follow the new. Other points are wonderfully explained and I doubt whether some scientist can easily beat his initiative. I wish him the best of luck and expect of him to make the things clearer if my message reaches him either through the forum or through e mail or through new writings.
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    Dear Professor,
    I am impressed what you said. The theory is simple , it requires re-reading two or three times, I had similar problems, now the theory is very clear. To have further clarification from the author is an apt choice. In my view this theory is wonderful and I can stand by this new theory of Two Big Bangs, it can really outsmash all other theories, only if the supporters of other theories show their impartial attitude. Let us wait and see what is in store for this great scientist who has initiated the Two Big Bang Theory.
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    Colleagues in Physics Forums,
    Your thoughts are inspiring but think of that scientist from India who traced the totality of the universes all over with so deep mind and with so deep success. Think over it, could anyone else dare so? Perhaphs not. To analyse the cosmos from its original non existent has never been attempted before, no scientist or astronomer in the world has so far touched this height.God alone could make such people to educate the world in cosmos right theory.
    This theory has every thing clear, also the start from spirit and Circuit of Particles and Forces, how beautifully, Dr. Raj Baldev has woven this theory, hardly to guess and it would have been hard to believe, since we have the theory in hand, we have to believe this miracle, is it man's or Almighty.
    In view of your doubt, I would request Dr. Raj Baldev to say some thing in a clearer way if certain readers feel some confusion.
    I shall an e mail to drrajbaldev if I get it from some source.
    Another pleasure today that I got to read the article in the web of internationalreporter.org that President APJ of India has discussed the theory with him and suggested the scientists to debate. He is a great scientist of India in spite of his being the President, his such words can really pull the weight on scientists to take this theory serious in the interest of future generations. I have no idea about other Indian institutes but so far the internet information isconcerned, it is filled with the acknowledgement of this great theory of 21st century.

    I think, time is not far when this theory shall be at the top of other theories, so the head under which this reply is being sent justifies it from all angles.
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    Your arguments are powerful. I am watching two sub heads with the same title of Two Big Bang Theory Vs Other Theories. One is initiated by Mr.Riverrobert and the other is started by Kapla. It should have been more appropriate if all comments should have come under one sub head rather than two carrying the same title. It is very important because the new theory of supersymmetry is going to create another history, the scientists have claimed as appeared in the press reports in New York.

    I have consulted some of my colleagues having expertise in physics and they are currently in teaching profession. Of three colleagues whom I consulted only one could follow this new theory named supersymmetry. When I drew their attention to the theory of TOPU or so-called TWO BIG BANGS by Dr. Raj Baldev, they recalled his theory and expressed their views that the supersymmetry is already covered with in the theory of Two Big Bangs. Then I consulted one Vice Chancellor today on phone and asked his opinion on the theory of matter of supersymmetry. This theory has come from the scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratory in the US. They like to challenge the standard modal of Particle Physics that tells us what are the fundamental constituent of matter and how they interact. If the scientists go through the theory of Two Big Bangs by Dr. Raj Baldev, I hope they will find all answers for their queries on particle physics and the fundamental constituent of matter and how they interact.

    I am fully in agreement with the theory of two big bangs which has all the future answers for most of the future findings on cosmology. So far the constitution of matter is concerned it can be seen from the book titled Two Big Bangs Created the Universe (Formed in Eternal Space) in chapter III and I am sure it shall help the physicists working at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in United States that their new theory is already covered the theory of Two Big Bangs.

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    Theory of Two Big Bangs Vs Other Theories

    Hello Friends,
    I posted one message about the Theory of Two Big Bangs, it might have reached the right person. This is for all to see. My views about this theory is that to present a theory is a genius task. It is the basis on which the scientists put in their experiments and carry out their analysis. After a long gap of decades, a theory has come from Dr. Raj Baldev. I was stunned to read the hypothesis. I borrowed the book from one of my colleagues from my college. I also exchanged my views with a friend who has a say in this field. He was formerly involved in NASA probing in space. He agrees with my opinion that it is a theory that can overtake all other theories provided it is given a proper publicity which has not been organised as per its level. Though author's name and the theory name some time I see at the internet, but it is an injustice to such a great theory. He told me that had this been in States, it would have attained its right position. It shows the people still lack a high sense to follow high thoughts like the one as given by Dr. Raj Baldev. He is a class of Newton and Einstein, we should evaluate it, let this rare piece of blue diamond may not be allowed to rust and forget.

    William Pattern, Calafornia- 94043
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    Sir to see my additions

    I also fee that according to conventional classical <B style="color:black;background-color:#ff9999">physics</B> the speeds of coliding galaxis have never been calculated because they are based on finite classical terms. The new theory ‘Two Big Bangs’ by an Indian Theorist Dr Raj Baldev, has changed the complete concept of the big bang theory. This new theory has discussed Hawking elaborately. As other scientists feel, I would also like to corroborate :
    : Dont talk to people in the Hawking Forum (www.psyclops.com/hawking/forum) about this. As they have not yet comprehendid the complexaty of this new theory.

    : Your zero point reference mass is 0 in TDM state 0. In TDM state 1 your relative zero point mass is 1. Where 1 can be the mass of your body or even the mass of an entire galaxy. Dont try to figure that one out as classical <B style="color:black;background-color:#ff9999">physics</B> can not describe such complexaty.

    : However there is a way to calculate relative speeds in a relative infinite zero point reference frame using a revolutonary unified theory. The theory is called Time Density M (or what i like to call TDM for short). I always say im as thick as <B style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">two</B> short planks :-) This concept also supports the Two:Big Bang theory. Dr Raj has given that the space is eternal and the original speed was much more than the present speed. This has an implied concept in the Two Big Bang Theory, which a few may follow.

    According to scientists’ opinion that when <B style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">two</B> mive galaxies approach there m becomes both infinite and zero. I know this sounds strange but in a zero field the zero point m effect becomes zero and the higher dimensional frame m becomes infinite. This is a new idea that has revolutionized modern <B style="color:black;background-color:#ff9999">physics</B> and lead to a general unified theory of gravity.: Then the Time Density Shift become 1/TDM + P/M and your now in a new galaxy!!! This prediction is the first to challenge Einstein’s theory. But in the end I would say that most of the concepts in this new idea are also incomplete and I am scientifically convinced that the theory of Two Big Bangs is the only answer to know what exactly Universe is and how it was created from its original base.
    It is really wonderful to read the Two Big Bang Theory which really covers all other theories in its motherly lap.

    William Pattern, California - 94043
  8. Apr 27, 2004 #7
    Dear Sir,
    I have read your thoughts. Excellently explained and defined. This theory is so wonderful that it shall one day top other theories. It is logical and scientific, it is not easy to rebut it. Afterall truth has to prevail and it shall do.

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    Dear Associates,
    This message was erroneously posted in this head by my Secretary, whereas it was meant to be posted under Logical Existence of God. Wrong posting is regretted.
    Dr. Raj Baldev
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    This appear to be a purely religious testament. As such it is inappropriate in a discussion of a scientific question. Please post your religious testaments on the religion forum.
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    Dear Mentor,
    Your attention is drawn on the edited message. It was actually meant for some other thread, and was erroneously posted in this title, wrong posting by my secretary is regretted.
    Dr. Raj Baldev
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