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Two Big Bangs ?

  1. Nov 17, 2003 #1

    I'm interested to know what Dr Kaku thinks about the Two Big Bangs theory coined by a top Indian Scientist. I was reading through the article and he seems to have a valid point.

    http://www.indiaexpress.com/news/technology/interviews/20030717-0.html [Broken]

    If this subject has been discussed before, please point me to the correct thread.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    I read the article and was very sceptical about it as why just two big bangs and not 3 or 4 big bangs.

    I bought the book two weeks ago the two big bangs, I have not yet finished reading it but I did read the Theory of Parent Universe (TOPU) in the book. It feels as if the author is seeing how the Universe is being created.

    This is seriously one of the most important findings in the world of physics.

    You got to read it to formulate your own opinion

    Best of Luck,

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    Two big bangs

    hei raje..

    saw ur response on Two Big Bangs... read myself also....how far do u agree is questionable....but i certainly agree the view point of wiz kid....who rightly said that the author is seeing the creation of universe by himself.( in fact this shows the confidence of the author about his theory)...and again he writes that the theory is one of the most important findings in the world of physics. Of course this is the most important finding as the knowledge of the world is expanding...so do the new findings..how do you justify the new concept...dont u think that sapce is eternal...in fact it is such an issue in the theory for which it will be dificult for the scientists to refute the claim of Dr. Raj Baldev...According to me and my discussion with different scientists in India I have found that they vote for Dr. Raj Baldev's new thoery of parent universe (TOPU) AND TWO BIG BANGS. His arguments seem to be convincing and match with of the laws of the physics... I have no doubt and my other colleuges in this branch who feel that this theory can not be ignored and there is likely hood of its being recognosed on merit.....but again...the theory must be debated all over the globe before accepting in toto.....but here we should be further warned by the discrimantory approach of the western scientists towards eastern scientists.....one last question which hides its answer in itself "how nothing can create anything" ...
  5. Feb 28, 2004 #4
    two big bangs

    Dear Manu,

    I am happy to read your comments about the theory of two big bangs authored by Dr Raj Baldev. The confusion of the big bang theory which has been baffling the scientists for decades is finally settled with the new hypothesis of Two Big Bangs or the Theory of Parent Universe as revealed by Dr. Raj Baldev. What a theory, no one, in my opinion, has ever attempted to such a scale from the very incept of the birth of the Universe, he first explained how the atmosphere was created, how the primeval particle acted as virus or primeval spirit and spun the mass less energy. on this platform the spin particles spun the circuits of particles and forces like gravity, electromaganetic field, nuclear energy etc. When the atmopshere was formed, there was no heat, he says. When there is no heat, it means only cold and cold and extreme cold and ultimately the molecules created cold energy to the absolute zero point. The entire atmosphere was filled with icy mountains all over. Then he took the master particles and crack particles who created heat in the atmosphere and at the same time he described the first black hole which he named as central reservoir which attracted all the mountains that fell within its event horizon and created electric currernts which changed into the act of electrolysis of ice and developed hydrogen. The hydrogen filled the Central Reservoir and when it came to a saturation point with continuous pressing, it burst. Its hydrogen atoms must have picked up high temperture and then merged with the helium, the force of pressure. In short, it is a good opportunity for sciencist to make use of it and correct their errors. I give three salues to Dr Raj Baldev, who also explained the existence of the Creator so beautifuly and logically that none can discard. Kalpa
  6. Mar 31, 2004 #5
    Dr Raj Baldev could definitely be on the right track, but not from Supernova's, mini black holes possibly - Implosion or explosion?

    For the rest of his predictions, I leave to metaphysics to answer.
  7. Apr 2, 2004 #6
    I fail to see what any number of big bangs does to solve the fundamental question of the universe.

    How did something (any number) come from nothing.
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