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Homework Help: Two blocks, two pulleys, too confused

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    A block of mass m_1 is attached to a massless, ideal string. This string wraps around a massless pulley and then wraps around a second pulley that is attached to a block of mass m_2 that is free to slide on a frictionless table. The string is firmly anchored to a wall and the whole system is frictionless.

    I've only got as far as figuring out what forces are on each block; the top block has two tensions; one attached to the wall, and the tension that goes to the hanging block. It also has a normal force and the weight. Block two only has tension, normal force (?), and weight.

    Can anyone offer a hint on how to get started finding the acceleration or tension? Thanks, Lily

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    Write the force equation for the mass hanging down there
    What forces act on it - from below, from above, and what is the resultant of adding those forces??

    Now for the block on the table. Is there any friction? Thus, do u need any vertical forces as such?
    For the horizontal forces, ask yourself what are the force(s) acting on the block, and what will that force(s) result in?
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    Ok, for mass 2, the heavy one, there are two tension forces, but no acceleration, I think. For the hanging mass, just weight down, and the normal/tension force up.
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