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Homework Help: Two Body Problems

  1. Oct 2, 2011 #1

    I'm currently learning how to solve two body problems and I'm having a little trouble with that. My question regards a certain example I found in The Physics Classroom web site that goes like this:

    "A 5.0-kg and a 10.0-kg box are touching each other. A 45.0-N horizontal force is applied to the 5.0-kg box in order to accelerate both boxes across the floor. Ignore friction forces and determine the acceleration of the boxes and the force acting between the boxes."

    I managed to find out the acceleration(3 m/s/s) but I don't understand how to find the force acting between the boxes. In the solution of this example they took the 10 kg boy and just calculated it's net force(30 N) and I undertood that but if I to calculate the net force acting on the 5 kg(15 N) body I'll get a different result entirly.

    How can I determine the force acting between the boxes using the 5 kg box alone.

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    See the attached,
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    I'm sorry but I bealive you forgot the attachment...
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    Right, sorry %^) And I normally preview stuff.

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