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Two Books

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    I was advised to buy "Dissapearing Cryptography S2- Information Hiding:Steganography and Watermarking" by Peter Wayner and "Linear Time Invariant Systems" by Martin Schetzen. I am clueless as to whether they are good for me or not, I am studying about Cryptography and System Engineering...Anyone here has any reviews or advice for me about these two books ? Please post help me. Thanks a lot

    Tu Thanh
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    I don't see how steganography is relevant to modern cryptography. You see from the title what it's about; disappearing inks and other techniques for hiding messages from sight. The old greek who shaved his slave's head and wrote a message on the guy's scalp, then let the hair grow back and sent the man to his friend, who knew to shave the head to read the message. Not exactly real-time, but it gives the idea. Not an algorithm in the bunch.
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    I haven't heard of the book you mentioned but something I can recommend is Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier; a cryptologist who clearly has a passion for the topic.

    If you're a total beginner then Cryptography for Dummies.

    Search amazon or google as well.
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    you shouldnt't worried about that and about the old greek donkey too.
    another book i used to read is also about cryptie, its free for download it is is called mcdonald among us becauase it is not a good OLD ass book, so we call it is mcdonald.
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    i will send to your mail box if you like
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