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Homework Help: Two capacitors, two resistors and a battery

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    Hey guys Im a bit stuck as to what to do here... we havent covered much on RC circuits yet and id like to learn how to do this properly.

    Two 6.0µF capacitors, two 2.2 kiloOhm resistors, and a 12 V source are connected in SERIES. Starting from the uncharged state how long does it take for the current to drop from its initial value to 1.50 mA?

    i KNow i need to use the exponential function, but what must i do with the fact that its in series? Any help would be appreciated thanks!!!
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    Tom Mattson

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    What's the equivalent resistance of two resistors in series?

    What's the equivalent capacitance of two capacitors in series?

    Answer those, and you can reduce the circuit to a simple RC circuit.
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