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Homework Help: Two charge carriers in the Drude model

  1. Mar 12, 2009 #1
    I'm studying Solid State Physics and I have some problems with a problem.

    It is stated like this:

    Consider a system of two charge carriers in the Drude model. The two carriers have the same density n and opposite charge (e and-e), and their masses and relaxation times are m1,m2 and r1,r2 respectively.
    (a) Calculate the magnetoresistance ∆ρ=ρ(B)-ρ(0), B is the magnetic induction.
    (b) Calculate the Hall coefficient.
    Hint: Consider the conductivity tensor of the combined system of the carriers

    I don't know how to begin with this problem, wonder if someone please can help me?

    Mythbusters - "Well, here's your problem"
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