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Two degree of freedom problem

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    Basically I am researching on compaciton (employing vibration) of a layer of soil (sand, with no cohesion) deposited on either a weaker layer or a stiffer layer, and I have to show the influence of the lower layers on the amount of compaction that can be achieved. so the problem is mainly 3 degrees of freedom, however one degree of freedom of the machine (vibratory roller) can be neglected, for simplification, on the other hand since there are two layers with each with different dynamic characteristics (moduli and damping ratio) then there is two degree of freedom under forced sinosoidal loading,
    so we should have something like two springs and two dashpots, in series, but my problem is that what would be the nature of the interface between each set of springs and dashpots, and also what would be the effect of each of these parameters on each other I have attached a part of my research here in, for better representation of the problem,

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