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Two-dimensional collision

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    before - 1st object: m=6kg, v=3m/s
    2nd object: m=6kg, v=0m/s
    after - 1st object move off in a direction 40 degree to the left of its original path
    2nd move to the right of the first's original path
    find the speech of each object after the collision
    x-direction: m1v1ix + m2v2ix = m1v1fx + m2v2fx
    y-direction: m1v1iy + m2v2iy = m1v1fy + m2v2fy
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi hdo! Welcome to PF!: :smile:

    (try using the X2 tag just above the Reply box :wink:)
    Do you mean at 90º?

    ok, those are the correct equations … now put the numbers in …

    what do you get? :smile:

    (btw, all the masses are the same, 6 kg, so you can leave them all out! :wink:)
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