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Two exams today

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    Boy i had two exams today... one in linear algebra and differential equations, another in 2nd semester general chemistry...

    I feel like the exact opposite of having mad sex with 50 hot women while cashing in a stock certificate of microsoft from 1989. The exact opposite. It's like that feeling you get when you get shot in the face. Twice. While being forced to watch american idol. While a dog chews on your genitals.

    I think i did pretty good on the chem test though even though i didn't have time to answer 1/6th of the test. Only 2 people finished the chemistry test early. I started praying to whatever god there was out there and promising to switch religions if i get more then a 60%.
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    wow, 1/6 wrong is an automatic B- if you got that 100% right. Sucks for you.
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    Well there is always next semester :tongue2:
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    Actually he curves the scores like crazy so I may fail yet get an A :)
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    What school is that? I'm transferring!
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    exams are not really that difficulty if people just would prepare a week ahead.
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    Some people prepare ahead of time and still do poorly.

    Doing poorly does not imply lack of preparation. If may be true for some cases, but not all.
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    I have two midterms today aswell, one in an advanced calculus course and another in an advanced E&M course.

    As I write this it is 5:37 am, I'm sitting alone in the only spot on campus that is open this late and I've seen far more convergent series then I ever want to see again. I have run out of all supplies of caffein and all change to purchase more of it. If I can stay awake for the next 83 minutes I think the coffee shop opens and I can get some more with the bills in my pocket.

    Trust me sir, I know how you feel.

    Oh, and here comes the cleaning guy with the floor buffer. Shoot me now.
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    Best of luck! Don't forget your quadrapole moment tensors like I did :biggrin:
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    Seriously, you've got nothing. I was studying for the past 15 hours for my exam tomorrow. Similar to the 20 hour study session last weekend for this midterm. And the previous 30 hour one the week before that. I still don't know anything about electronics.

    And, I have a Special Rel midterm, a Thermodynamics mid term, and a Nuclear Physics midterm all on monday. In addition to my electronics exam tomorrow. Its just not right. Its Mardi Gras weekend for christ's sake. And I will be studying all day, everyday till about now, when I make one post on PF complaining, and then pass out.....now.
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    I am talking about the majority of cases. students just don t prepare, and they procrastinate until the very end.

    Exams by there very nature cannot really go very deep into a subject. Most most students might get at most 1 week or 2 to learn on a single topic, but most professionals, and research scienctist would focus on a narrow topic for mouths or years. Exams can only scratch the surface of the essense of a subject. Another point is that exam problems are more or less based on textbook problems. Problems with more or less variations of the same simplified technique. If the students would be a bit patient, doing the problems at his/her textbook, they shouldn t have any problems in the exam.
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    I absolutely can not believe what happened to me in my calculus test. I had a quick skim over it and I knew how to do EVERY problem. However, when I put my pencil to the page to start to write, my mind went completely haywire. All of a sudden I couldn't do anything. I couldn't believe it, this has never happened to me before. I can't believe I messed that up so badly, it was so easy. God I hope physics goes better.

    Last time I ever use amphetamines to keep me awake, that's for sure.
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    Har Har I kid

    :devil: Don't do drugs :devil:
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