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Two fat guys

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    [SOLVED] Two fat guys

    Two fat guys were each eating a pizza, when suddenly Donald Trump appeared. Trump says to them: "I have an eating contest for the both of you. I will give 1 million dollar to the person whose pizza gets eaten last."

    The two fat guys start nibbling their pizzas, hoping the other guy to eat faster. Two days later, both of them haven't eaten their pizzas halfway yet and they both were getting frustrated. Then they meet this wise hobo and ask him for advice. The hobo says something to them, and they immediately devour their pizzas as soon as possible. What did the hobo say?
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    But the solution is the same.

    The hobo tells them to eat eachother's pizza.
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    Irrelevant. A dog and a horse are both mammals. But are they the same?
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    Alright, alright. After a couple of hours of carefully thinking about what you guys said. Maybe perhaps there is a possibility that my riddle is an isomorphism of the riddle posted by Gokul. But I emphasize "possibility."
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    Hmmm...yeah, it is a bit of a stretch. But my brain is like hot teflon. :wink:
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    Wouldn't "their pizzas" imply their own, the one that 'belongs' to them?
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    Hmmm...upon further scrutiny, I would call this in favor of the original poster (Jin). Good point though.

    'Their' suggests that the pizzas belong to them and no third party. It's a collective sort of possession...and has enough leeway built into it to make it acceptable (in my opinion).

    'Their respective pizzas' will rule out that possibility.
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    they exchanged pizzas and since they have the other guy's pizza, they hurried on eating it.
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    If they were smart, one would keep a slice of his hidden, so when they both finished, his was still not eaten. (assuming they switched). Or just eat the other guy's pizza without letting him eat yours (assuming youre an immoral fat guy).
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    The hobo said, "you two set a bet between yourselves that who ever wins the previous bet will give one million buck to the one who losses".
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