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Two forces

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    Two forces F1 and F2 are acting on a mass M=6.0 kg. The force F1 = 7.0i + 5.0j + 6.0k, in N. The acceleration of the mass is given by a = 1.0i + 3.0j + 3.0k, in m/s2. Calculate the magnitude of F2.

    I understand that when adding these forces you just add like terms, the i's j's and k's togehter. but what do you do with accel.? do i just subtract F1 like terms with Acell. like terms? never done a problem like this before.
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    To subtract one vector from another, you do just subtract their components. However, you must be sure to write the vector equation down correctly to make sure you are subtracting the right vectors (and in the right order). What do you get for this problem?
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