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Homework Help: Two inclined mirrors problem

  1. Jun 6, 2006 #1
    Inclined mirror problem

    Please see if it is right.
    1)A ray of light makes an angle of 10 degrees with the horizontal and strikes a plane mirror which is inclined at an angle y to the horizontal. What is the angle y for which the reflected ray becomes vertical?
    I solved it in the following way:
    Given that angle(CBF) = 90, angle(CBD) = 10, angle(DBE) = angle(EBF) = m
    i.e. 2m + 10 = 90
    m = 40
    Now, y + 10 + 40 = 90
    y = 40

    Is it right?

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    Yes I think this is correct....you can check that the angles are consistent with orthonormality once you have the values, yourself.
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