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Two kerr black holes?

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    Im trying to describe a system of two kerr black holes and I was wondering if this was even possible? Im currently taking a GR course but Ive looked through the textbook and we only seem to deal with stationary solutions to einstein's field question (and no two-body problems).
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    It may well be possible, but it's not been done to my knowledge. The Kerr metric is a vacuum solution, and all its properties come from the spherical symmetry. The symmetry of 2 BHs is not so obvious or helpful.
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    yea thats what I thought.. damn..
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    It is specific, but you might want to lookup the double Kerr solution.

    Stephani in Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations briefly mentions this in chapter 34.4.
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    For two Schwarzschild black holes, the classic solution is due to Misner. A search for "Misner Inital Data" will pull up plenty of recent papers that might give you a derivation.

    For Kerr black holes, check the paper here:
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    The exact solution describing two Kerr black holes was presented in D. Kramer, G. Neugebauer, "The superposition of two Kerr solutions", Physics Letters A, 75:4, 259-261 (1980). It does not admit an equilibrium state.
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