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Two loop scalar integral

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Problem Statement
Hi all,
I am trying to calculate a two loop scalar integral for a project at university. I'm not entirely convinced I have set the problem up correctly so I am looking for a wise person to tell me if I've made any fundamental errors so far. Also if anyone is aware of any good literature for getting started with two loop Feynman integrals I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance :)
Relevant Equations
Internal propagators:

P_1 = \dfrac{i}{k^2 - m_1^2} $$\\

P_2 = \dfrac{i}{(q-k)^2 - m_2^2} $$\\

P_3 = \dfrac{i}{q^2 - m_3^2} $$\\

king vitamin

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It looks good so far. Are you stuck for any reason? At the point where the picture cuts off, the procedure to continue seems pretty straight-forward (the integrals over ##k## and ##q## can be done after some algebra).
Hi, thanks for your reply. I was stuck on completing the square to shift the loop momenta, the way I was doing it wasn't working but eventually I did manage to figure it out. I wasn't sure if the problem was that I had made a basic error in setting up the loop integral but it seems that I had done it correctly, thanks again for your response :)

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